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Taylor Mason

Taylor Mason has headlined every major comedy club...more»

Leanne Morgan

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Taylor Mason

Taylor Mason has headlined every major comedy club in the USA. With a national comedy tour and a hit children’s show called "Taylor’s Attic" he is in perpetual motion. Where many present-day comedians often exclude audiences by age, background, and, demographic, Taylor maintains an old-school ethic - he wants to include as many people as possible. He is a world-class ventriloquist. He sings, he plays the piano, writes jokes and produces. He is constantly jet-lagged. Truth be-told, comedy is not his full-time job. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and two teen-aged sons. They once asked him, "Dad? Everybody else's father works for a living. What do you do?" He smiled and said, "Boys... I make fun of those guys."